Rival Led Portantino in Temple City, but Not District-wide

Republican nominee garners 158 more votes than incumbent in Temple City.

Written by DANNY TSANG / Published July 23, 2010

Republican nominee Alvaro Day likely faces long odds in his bid to defeat his opponent. But, the official Los Angeles County election results released early this month show that Day received more votes in Temple City than incumbent Anthony Portantino.

According to the official, certified results for the June 8 election, Day won 1511 votes. Portantino gained 1353 votes, while the Libertarian candidate, Eytan Kollin, got 5 votes. None of the candidates faced primary opposition.

That means Day received approximately 150 more votes than Portantino, a two-term Democratic assembly member seeking re-election.

“The results of the primary in Temple City for my race are a clear assessment that my campaign efforts and specially my proposals are getting a lot of traction,” Day wrote in response to questions posed by the Voice. “I want to take the opportunity to thank the people of Temple City who voted for me.”

Still, considering the results district-wide, Day trailed Portantino by at least 5000 votes. Portantino received 24,866 votes, while Day received 18,959 votes. Kollin gained 175 votes.

Calls to Portantino’s campaign left unanswered. The Voice had sought to inquire whether Portantino intended to campaign in Temple City in light of Day’s victory in the City.

Despite the 44th assembly district leaning favorably toward Democratic candidates, Day stated he was “confident” he could win the race.

“I am getting a lot of momentum and support,” he said.

The official voter turnout in Temple City was 25.5 percent. In Los Angeles County, the official voter turnout was lower, at 23.4 percent.

More Republicans did come out to vote than Democrats. There are more registered Democrats than Republicans in Temple City.

The general statewide election will take place on November 2, 2010.


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