Expanded Executive Team to Provide Editor with Support

With the new year, the executive team has been changed with new students.

Written by AMY FAN / Published July 16, 2010

A new executive team for the Temple City Voice was recently appointed for the upcoming year.

In addition to the Jason Wu and Raymond Tran, the editor-in-chief and senior editor, respectively, four individuals are poised to join the leadership body. They are former Operations Manager Vincent Wei as assistant editor, Grace Tran as Treasurer, and Taylor Evanko and Danny Tsang as the community outreach directors.

Art Manager Nelson Luu will serve in his capacity until a successor is found. Meanwhile, Tracy Chen will fill the vacant operations manager position.

The general staff were given a chance to try out for the positions toward the end of the school year. The applications were then reviewed and discussed in June. Sophia Chang, the outgoing editor-in-chief, Jason Wu, the incoming editor-in-chief, and Matthew Wong, the founder and executive director, all participated in the decision making process.

According to Sophia Chang, the executive team was picked based on their application, dedication, enthusiasm, leadership potential, and writing ability. The executive team, composed mostly of incoming high school seniors, will be responsible for leading the Temple City Voice next year.

The biggest task for the executive team is membership.

“We really need underclassman,” Chang said. “If we want to maintain the momentum, then we will need to have more of them be a part of the Voice.”

Regardless, the founder and executive director is optimistic about next year.

Wong said, “I really feel confident about the new executive team.”

“For the last several years, we have strengthened this body to assist the editor-in-chief,” he added.

Founded in July 2006, the Temple City Voice has steadily progressed these past four years.

“Everything’s expanding and progressing,” Chang said. “I’m really positive about it.”

Incoming Editor-in-Chief Jason Wu also expressed his thoughts about the organization, including making the Voice even better than it was previously.

“Personally, I find it exciting because I’m willing to bring in new ideas and revolutionize the organization both internally and externally,” he said. “I also want to spread the name of the Temple City Voice and make it a more respectable newspaper and popularize it.”

This month, the new executive will undergo a number of training sessions, according to Wong.

“Former Editor-in-Chief and Editor Emeritus Margaret Thi, Sophia Chang, and I have been training the new executive team,” he said. “We’re preparing the new team to succeed as the Voice begins its fifth year of publishing.”


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