Gas Station Owner, Would-Be Tenant “Eager” to Operate

Lambert: Owner of long-vacant gas station negotiating with Pasadena operator

Written by MATTHEW WONG / Published July 9, 2010

The owner of a vacant downtown gas station is making progress on obtaining a new tenant, Community Development Manager Joseph Lambert on Thursday wrote.

“The property owner is negotiating with a potential tenant who operates a Shell station in Pasadena,” Lambert stated in the January 14, 2010 City Manager’s Weekly Report.

A meeting was held earlier this week with the owner and possible tenant, the community development manager stated. The parties discussed the re-opening of the gas station, currently unused on the northwest corner of Oak Avenue and Las Tunas Drive.

According to Lambert, “All parties involved seemed quite eager to start operating as soon as possible.”

Since 2007, the gas station has not been operating, creating an eyesore for Temple City officials and local business owners.

Lambert previously mentioned that the owner was interested in finding a gas operate affiliated with Union 76 (also known as UnoCal), a subsidiary of Chevron.

In December, City Manager Jose Pulido asserted that the City could revoke the owner’s conditional use permit, which was given in 1972, if the owner did not secure a tenant quickly. It appears Pulido’s threat and pressure from City Hall is working.

Nevertheless, soon to be permanent City Attorney Eric Vail has stated the owner has a right to leave his property vacant as long as he complies with the City’s nuisance code.

The only code enforcement issues previously noted are illegal parking and tires sitting on the property.

Whether or not the owner succeeds in his current endeavor, city staff intends to hold him accountable, Lambert said.

“Staff will continue to work closely with all parties involved so we can get this site occupied as soon as possible,” he stated.


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