Miss Temple City Hopes to Raise Cancer Awareness within the Community

Heidi Chow, 2010-2011 Miss Temple City, speaks about her platform.

Written by JEANETTE TANG / Published July 9, 2010

Crowned Miss Temple City in May, Heidi Chow is on a mission: to raise awareness within the City about cancer.

“I feel that people within Temple City aren’t fully aware of the tragedies cancer brings and that they aren’t presented with enough opportunities to do something about it,” Chow said. “I plan to utilize city publications to share with the citizens stories of hope—stories of those who have fought to survive and celebrate life.”

When she was in the second grade, Chow’s close friend passed away from leukemia, which propagated her to raise her platform issue. With her title she intends to share her experiences and to help those struggling with the terminal illness.

“This title, Miss Temple City, will help me by giving me the opportunity to share my passion with the people of my hometown: the fight against cancer,” said Ms. Chow, “I’ve been given the privilege to serve the city that has made me who I am today—I’ve been given the privilege to honor my friend’s memory and the memory of others who have lost to cancer on a larger scale with a bit more influence.”

In one year, Chow will graduate and take her first step into college. Chow plans to major in French with a minor in art. She also endeavors to travel to Africa to study abroad during her junior year in college.

“For college, I’d like to attend a UC,” Chow said. “I can’t leave Southern California or else I’d starve to death without coming home to my mom’s home cooking every once in a while.”

During her senior year, Chow will be assisting in training the 2011 Miss Temple City Ambassador Pageant contestants and helping spread her platform to the public.

“[To those interested in joining], be prepared for a busy five months of practice but an absolutely invaluable learning experience,” Chow says, “Whether you make it on the court or not, you will make new friends and you will expand as a growing young woman.”


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