Athens Services Still Plans to Develop Trash Survey

Waste collector will conduct residential poll.

Written by MATTHEW WONG / Published July 8, 2010 (ONLINE ONLY)

Temple City’s trash hauler, Athens Services, still intends to create a survey assessing the needs of the community, Public Safety Officer Bryan Ariizumi on Thursday confirmed.

Ariizumi, along with City Manager Jose Pulido and Public Services Manager Bill Tidwell recently met with Athens executive Dennis Chiappetta, he wrote in the December 17, 2009 City Manager’s Weekly Report.

“To better determine the needs of the community, staff asked Mr. Chiappetta to create a survey,” the public safety officer said.

He continued, “The survey will contain information regarding manual and automated trash service, as well as pictures of the trash containers used for the automated service.”

Councilman Tom Chavez first announced that the City and Athens planned on developing a survey in November. Chavez and Mayor Pro Tempore Vincent Yu sit on the Athens ad hoc committee, which was formed in August to study the current trash collection service and to determine whether the 30-year evergreen contract was still necessary.

Temple City is one of a few cities with a 30-year contract with Athens.

Based on the provisions outlined in the agreement, an automatic renewal of the contract occurs every year. In other words, this year, in 2009, the terms of the contract will expire in 2039. But next year, in 2010, the terms of the contract will expire in 2040.

In a recent meeting with city staff, Chiappetta outlined the benefits of the contract, according to Ariizumi.

The public safety officer also wrote that Athens could hold a number of town hall meetings if residents were in favor of switching over to automatic service.

“If the survey shows that City residents are interested in automatic service or want additional information, Athens may host several workshops (dates to be determined) throughout Temple City,” Ariizumi said.

Residents could save anywhere from less than a dollar to three dollars and sixty cents per month, Athens Services previously stated.

Moreover, switching over to an automatic system would require the purchase of alternative fuel vehicles and sturdier containers. These changes would likely reduce Temple City’s environmental footprint, but the costs would also likely be passed on to the customers.


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