Wu, Senior Editor, to Serve as Next Editor-in-Chief

Jason Wu, an incoming senior at Temple City High School, was recently announced as the next editor-in-chief of the Temple City Voice.

Written by KAREN TANG / Published July 2, 2010

Senior Editor Jason Wu will take over as the fifth editor-in-chief on August 1, the Temple City Voice leadership recently declared.

Editor-in-Chief Sophia Chang and Executive Director and Founder Matthew Wong both came to a mutual decision to appoint Wu as editor-in-chief after seeing his hard work and dedication to the Temple City Voice.

Wu is a sixteen year-old incoming senior at Temple City High School. He is also experienced in journalism.

His current role with the Temple City Voice is the Senior Editor, the number two position. Wu has previously served as the art manager and staff artist. At TCHS, Wu serves as Photo Editor of Rampage, the official high school newspaper.

According to the Voice executive director, Wu demonstrated his readiness when he temporarily stepped into the position of editor-in-chief on behalf of Chang earlier this year.

“Jason has fulfilled the tasks normally associated with the editor-in-chief during his position as Senior Editor,” Wong explains. “I am fully confident that he will succeed this coming year, especially with the help of an expanded executive team.”

Chang asserts that her successor is a strong leader and has sufficient training to carry on the responsibilities in the future.

“Being Editor-in-Chief is a tough,” the current editor states. “Jason will do a great job.”

She adds, “He’s an approachable person and can make the Voice more tight-knit.”

Wu will also become the second male to serve as editor-in-chief (The first being Wong, the founder). The three previous individuals to serve as editor-in-chief were female.

Meanwhile, Chang will officially step down on July 31.

“Sophia did a fantastic job,” the executive director says. “Under her leadership, the Temple City Voice greatly improved the quality of the newspaper as well as expanded the number of staff.”

Chang proposed a more professional layout, designed the official Temple City Voice logo, and oversaw standard uniforms for the organization, Wong said.

“The door will always be open to Sophia, as well as previous Temple City Voice staff,” Wong says. “I do hope Sophia and others like her will return to the Voice.”


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