Local Paper: Temple City Negotiating with Piazza Developer

Group seeks to recall embattled former mayor.

Written by MATTHEW WONG / Published June 30, 2010 (ONLINE ONLY)

Temple City officials are again negotiating with Piazza developer Randy Wang, the Pasadena Star News on Wednesday reported.

The City and developer may be seeking a resolution to a lawsuit filed in 2008. The suit was filed against Wang in anticipation of the breach in the developer’s agreement, which set an August 2009 deadline for Wang’s mixed-use project to be completed.

Both sides met Monday in a downtown Los Angeles law office, City Manager Jose Pulido said.

The City Manager, Interim City Attorney Eric Vail, Community Developer Manager, and special legal counsel Joseph Buchman of Burke, Williams, and Sorensen LLC attended on behalf of the City. Wang and four of his representatives were also present at the meeting.

“[We] have been meeting on a couple of different occasions with the Piazza project people to negotiate some kind of an agreement to put an end to all this litigation,” the City Manager told the Star News Wednesday, December 16, 2009.

On Tuesday, the City Council met in closed session to discuss the Piazza litigation, but no action was reported to the public.

According to the interim city attorney, the City may make an announcement by Christmas Eve. Vail stated the City intends to file with the court before December 24.

Meanwhile, an anonymous group of Temple City residents have formed to ask embattled Councilwoman Judy Wong to resign.

Along with former Mayor Cathé Wilson, Wong is facing a criminal trial regarding allegations of solicitation of bribery. Both women are accused of asking for bribes in exchange for their support of the Piazza at Temple City project in 2006.

Earlier this month, the recall group sent the Temple City Voice a letter.

The letter stated, “It is time for the community to take action since Ms. Wong will not do the right thing and resign.”

“It is obvious she is not thinking [of] what is best for the city when refusing to resign,” it continued. “It is time to recall Judy Wong and do what is best for Temple City.”

The group has also launched a website, http://www.RecallJudyWong.com.

In addition, Wong began facing calls to resign at the first December city council meeting.

She and former Mayor Wilson return to court on January 13.


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