Catching Up with Former Staff: Jackie Zhang

Zhang recently completed her sophomore year at the University of California, Riverside.

Written by JASON WU / Published June 25, 2010

Two years ago, Jackie Zhang graduated from Temple City High School, leaving behind her city for a new school.

Zhang was a former member of Temple City Voice, holding the position of staff writer.

Currently, she is attending the University of California in Riverside, working towards a major in Psychology. Her experiences as a Peer Listener in high school helped her consider the major.

She had won an award in the Peer Listeners program which motivates her to win another in college. After getting her degree, she plans to work at clinics and travel the world, helping children.

Like many other Temple City Voice alumni, Zhang recalls that her experiences in the Voice really opened her eyes to the community.

“I wanted to join Temple City Voice because I felt that it would help me become more involved in school events,” Zhang said. “I learned that there were a lot of interesting events on campus that I wasn’t aware of until I was writing for Temple City Voice.”

Zhang also participates in activities around her school, engaging herself in the campus’s Chinese Student Association, abbreviated and known more commonly as CSA.

She also cooks, dances, runs, bikes, swims, and hikes in her free time.


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