Performing Arts Groups Showcase Pieces at Spring Cavalcade

Students perform at T.C.H.S. on June 2.

Written by AMY FAN / Published June 11, 2010

The Spring Cavalcade featured performances by student instrumental, choir, and dance groups at Temple City High School, on Wednesday, June 2.

The concert included pieces by the Green and Gold Jazz bands, Honors Orchestra and Wind Ensemble, Brighter Side Singers, Combined Choirs, Fusion dancers, Auxiliaries, and various other music and dance groups from TCHS. The concert lasted for approximately two hours and was performed from multiple areas of the quad, with the audience at the center for convenience.

The pieces were very well received and garnered critically positive reviews from the spectators.

“It was great, I especially loved the jazz part,” remarked TCHS aluma, Ana-Cecilia Mendoza, “It was very upbeat.”

The Gold Jazz band, which concluded the performance, entertained audiences with its high-energy and snazzy music. The jazz group played remarkable pieces with superior soloists, including alto-saxophonist Willie Szeto and trumpet and flugelhorn player, Robert Ullrich.

Also revered by audiences was the Honors Orchestra and Wind Ensemble group, which masterfully executed the challenging piece, “Night on Bald Mountain,” and entertained spectators with its exciting “Video Game Medley.”

Not limited to only music itself, the Brighter Side Singers performed powerful vocals with well-executed choreography, arousing the crowd’s interest with perky music from the television series, “Glee.” This group also featured several vocalists in their pieces, such as Kimbria Mitchell and Hank Chang, and sang alongside with the combined choir for the medley arrangement, “Irving Berlin’s America.”

Exciting dance performances were highlighted by dance piece, “Dream Girls,” by the all-female dance group, Fusion, to a song by Beyonce, of the same name, and a co-ed swing ensemble, which danced and twirled to the Gold Jazz band piece, “Go Daddy-O.”

Another group of considerable interest was a student-arranged and composed ensemble, which included J.J. Bassette on piano, Jessie Huang as the vocalist, and several orchestra members to perform the original piece, “Falling Awake.”

The 18 performances by these groups, though diverse in subject talent, seemed synonymous in their pursuit of excellence and demonstration of experience in the arts.

“I’m always impressed by the quality of these young folks,” praised School Board Member Bob Ridley, “I’m always amazed at the talent.”

Not limited only to the audience, the performers also conveyed enthusiasm in expressing their abilities and giving a show to their families and peers.

“It felt exhilarating,” described sophomore alto-saxophonist Leslie Tjing, about her feelings toward the performance, “I enjoyed every bit of it.”

However, for some members, the mood was more inclined toward nostalgia to the past, and resolution to the future.

“It was pretty cool, considering it was my last time performing,” mused senior Bass Clarinetist Nate Dickie, “I feel like the group and myself has grown a lot in the past four years.”


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