Chow Named Miss T.C.

Chow steps up to new role while her predecessor, Caroline Truong, steps down.

Written by JASON ALVIN WU / Published May 28, 2010

This year’s Miss Temple City Pageant concluded with Junior Heidi Chow being crowned the queen of Temple City along with Juniors Jennifer Der and Terry Sun as her princesses.

Assistant principal of Oak Avenue Intermediate School Daryl Topalian presided over the contest that was held on May 27 as the master of ceremonies, introducing each contestant and each phase of the process as well as giving sporadic updates on the Los Angeles Lakers versus Phoenix Suns at breaks between each session.

The event began with a brief dance session by all of the Miss Temple City contestants, transitioning into the phase where each of the girls, dressed in business suits, gave their platform, the issue that they were to bring about in Temple City should they win the pageant. These platforms ranged from teen awareness on the effects of alcohol to basic first aid awareness.

Following their platforms, the girls showcased their talents. Some of them sang covers of their favorite songs, others danced ballet and hip hop, and even Juniors Samantha Yin and Judy Guan gave demonstrations on first aid and how to make green tea. Junior Mickie Wong even gave a Taekwondo performance, breaking two boards as well as executing a variety of high kicks, and Junior Audrey Lee painted a picture of Bruce Lee upside down.

Next, each girl was given a brief, one-question interview. This gave the judge a fairly accurate representation of their personality as well as their ability to handle pressure. The girls gave brief, cute answers that wittily answered, if not also changed the question to their favor.

Afterwards, the reigning Miss Temple City, Senior Caroline Truong, and her royal court, Seniors Shine Fu and Sharon Lai, made their appearances, with their pre-recorded speeches playing to convey their feelings and experiences of the pageant and the program. The very personal monologues were given a break, with the court of Mr. Temple City, Seniors Dusty Sanderson, Nick Der, and Andy Liu performing a very hilarious dance routine to lighten the atmosphere.

With the crowning of Chow, she was given the customary tiara, band, and oversized cape to be in her possession until next year’s successor is chosen.


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