School Board Discusses Vandalism

Growing concerns with vandalism in Temple City force School Board to consider the problem.

Written by JEANETTE TANG / Published May 21, 2010

The Temple City School Board meeting on Wednesday, May 12, focused on tagging and gang activity in Temple City.

Recently, there has been a few tagging incidents, one of which was around the northern part of Temple City. Graffiti with the four letters “SNDK” have been sighted in several places around the city. The person who was responsible for the graffiti was caught when the city’s residents informed the police of someone’ Myspace page containing these four letters. To reduce the chance of vandalism around Temple City, neighborhood watches are highly encouraged.

In 2009, seven gang related incidents occurred in Temple City. None of the gang members that took part in these incidents were from Temple City. Due to the state budget, many convicts are having an early release from jail, which includes sex offenders and thieves, so it is best to be on the cautious side.


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