Synopsis and Review of the Getty Center in Los Angeles

The Art Manager discusses his trip to the Getty Center.

Written by NELSON LUU / Published May 21, 2010

As an art and culture junkie, I am drawn to many of the great art museums in Los Angeles.

I have been fortunate and adventurous enough to visit many of them over the course of this year, armed with only Google maps and a day pass for the metro. My trips to the Getty Center have always been interesting and unique.

From the bus stop in front of the Getty Center, I had to take a tram up to the museum itself. The best part of the ride is the full panoramic view of Beverly Hills and LA. The museum itself is a work of art and architecture. The buildings are large and spacious and the plaza that connects all of the buildings together is shady and studded with seating areas and a few coffee stands.

There are gardens located on the west side of the complex that allow you to walk around and relax. But as you walk around, every area allows you to see the most amazing views of LA.

On the East and South give you views of downtown LA, on the West and North, you can see the hills and on a clear day, the Pacific Ocean.

The art is separated into different time periods and art forms. Some of the buildings housed art from the medieval period, to the Renaissance and the late 19th century.

Some other buildings housed photography and others sculpture. There was even a whole wing dedicated to French decorative art and furniture.

One of the most memorable pieces that I saw was a humongous restored bed with a canopy. Others include a gigantic painting of Louis XV, illuminated manuscripts and a chandelier with a fishbowl attached to it.

Overall I thought the experience was incredible. Forgive the cliché but the trip really was half of the fun as the destination.

The trip back was as amazing, as I got to see an amazing night view of the LA cityscape on the train ride back to Pasadena.

I would incredibly encourage families to take the weekend and plan a trip using public transportation, not only will it save some money, but it will save the environment as well and be a lot of fun as well.


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