Temple City Unified School District Hosts Health Fair

The school district hosted a community health fair for students and for charity organizations.

Written by TAYLOR EVANKO / Published May 21, 2010

On Saturday, May 8, 2010, Temple City Unified School District hosted a free Community Health Fair at Temple City Park from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

There were approximately 25 stations set up in the park during the event, and representatives from each health station promoted healthy lifestyle and presented their own service to the visitors.

At the fair, there was dentist who provided children and adults free dental screening, and doctors who provided information about acupuncture, mental health and other services. Other participants gave information about diabetes, provided free tests for grip strength, body fat, and blood pressure screenings.

Different health groups and non-profit organizations such as Pennies for Patients, dentistry, and realty companies introduced their programs and also helped costumers with their needs and concerns. This event also gave the schools in the Temple City Unified District a chance to be involved and encouraged students in the community to maintain healthy routines and save Earth.

Oak Avenue Intermediate School students and teachers gave out healthy breakfast. La Rosa Elementary School had its own unique theme at the Health Fair. Students who were at the station are made up of fourteen third grade students called “Student Advisory”.

According to Ellen Dunki-Jacobs, the advisor of the Student Advisory, the team set up posters and decorations to try to “promote recycling for healthy Earth.” Not only was recycling a focus of the children and the teacher, but they were also financially supporting two children, with one of them being an Indonesian boy named Hafidz Nurhadiansyah.

“When we donate, we give to people who really need the money,” third grade student Janna said. “We donate every month; to the American Red Cross and to other places.”

This event allowed young students to extensively participate in the community and gave them an insight to the world and what each one of them can offer.

With so much information available for Temple City residents, there’s no doubt that the city showed genuine concern for the well-being of its people.

While people were busy visiting every station, the Temple City High School Jazz Band presented many selections of music to play for the audience.


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