Interview with City Manager Jose Pulido

Pulido wishes to create a sense of pride in the citizens of Temple City.

Written by RANDY SHUN / Published May 14, 2010

Citing his tenure at the University of Berkeley (CAL), City Manager Jose Pulido attributes his executive experience to lessons learned at school.

It’s easy to see how it affected his city oversight, enacting the council’s decisions, creating work plans for city directors, and planning yearly community work projects.

Hailing from Montebello, where he worked for nine and a half years, Pulido’s double major in social science and Chicano studies, minor in city and regional planning, extends throughout his work.

“I’m aware of the cultural values of the area,” he says, while complimenting Temple City’s “family-oriented small town feel.”

Receiving a Masters for urban planning from UCLA, Pulido has also clinched award winning projects in previous work, a feat he hopes to reproduce in Temple City.

His aptitude for acquiring county, state, and federal funding for city projects augments his devotion to Temple City, where he derives “a sense of accomplishment” for helping.

City Manager Pulido has sought to increase transparency, standardizing a three month council agenda, and prepared larger, communitywide projects.

Industrial areas, such as southside Lower Azusa require renovation to accommodate dead space. With $7 million bond money, the manager calls for a revamp of the Rosemead Street, hoping to transform the current “traffic mess” into an architectural source of citywide pride.

“There has to be a standard of professionalism and order,” Pulido says, a trait he learned in college. The City Manager recently conducted personal talks with city employees to “build a cohesive team”, and treated a zero-based budget exercise as a response to the city’s $600,000 decrease in revenue.

Talks with the Alpha-Beta property owners were met with success; the Olsen mixed-use company is currently evaluating the area.

“Before there was no manual to the city. It was just a daily, week-to-week basis. Not anymore.”

Attempts to expand community development rank high on Pulido’s list, and he wants to create a legacy for future generations to uphold.

“I want the youth to be proud of their city,” he states, “because we have a good educational system and want participation from the community.”

Pulido hopes to enlarge the Temple City library and forge a bond with the school boards (meetings are already in place for potential joint-use developments and commercial parking). Efforts to captivate Temple City residents, evidenced in the recent Athens Trash Day survey, will open a multiethnic approach to city markets, he says, and increase community involvement.

Jose Pulido laughs when he compares Temple City to “a jewel that needs buffing.”

“Not everyone realizes how good the city is”, he qualifies, “but I want to create a sense of pride.”

And that includes everyone- the students, the parents and elderly. Coupling organization with experience, Pulido has a vision.


One comment

  1. Jesus Beltran

    Mr. Jose scumbag, corrupt Pulido leaves a trail of corruption everywhere he works.
    He is at it again in Temple City where they are used to corruption.

    Mr. Jose Pulido and corrupt, abusive, vindictive Director of Parks and Receation Cathy Burroughs retaliated against a hard working, honest employee because he did not want to go along their corrupt and evil ways.

    They hired a drug addict employee to make false accusations and committed perjury in a court of law to build a foundatiion to have an inocent human being fired and destroying his life and his future along the way.

    These people are worse then Robert Rizzo and the rest of the tax-payer criminals of the City of Bell, CA.

    Miss Cathy Burroughs has a long history of using the legal justice system to carry out her vendettas or help her drug addict sons when they are involved in accidents, destroying public propery and injuring other innocent drivers.

    But she is too powerful and has personal influential friends in high in right places.

    These criminals put the Mexican governmet to shame.

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