Opinion: Senior Ditch Day Should be Encouraged

Senior ditch day  should become an accepted tradition at  Temple City High.

Written by JASON ALVIN WU / Published May 14, 2010

In high school culture, the day before prom is infamously called “Senior Ditch Day.”

As the name suggests, it is a day where all students in the senior class supposedly ditch the day of school. The day usually precedes that of prom.

Although this is viewed as a tradition by students, the teachers, on the other hand, view the day with chagrin. Personally, I believe that the tradition should be encouraged.

Though the day is an accepted tradition in most high schools and there are no consequences for “ditching “ on the day, teachers at Temple City High School try to find ways to prevent their students from cutting class.

Several teachers plan to assign tests on the day, tests that cannot be taken on any other day. Failure to take the test would result in a zero.

Some have even gone so far as to make the tests much more significant towards a student’s grade than most, with a few teachers setting the number of points to double, triple, or even quadruple what an average exam would have.

The reason why some schools condone the day is because the school actually loses money on that day.

Schools receive their funding based on student attendance and when roughly one-quarter of a school is truant, it causes financial problems.

Several students, however, disregard the “holiday” and still attend class, most likely because of sports or other extra-curricular activities.

Personally, I would have conscience issues since although the tradition is accepted, I would not feel right about purposely missing a day of school to have fun.

Also, since Temple City High School is one of the many schools in the nation which does not officially acknowledge the day, ditching school would not only cause the school problems, but also problems on myself and on my grades, especially if I have to take a test that I cannot make up for any reason whatsoever.

However, the urges of a much-needed break after AP testing does in fact creep into a person, so in the end, it all depends on the individual.

Editor’s Note: The views of this author do not reflect the views of the Temple City Voice or its staff.


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