High School Administration Creates New Intervention Program

To combat low grades, the administrators at the high school decided to make a new program.

Written by JASON ALVIN WU / Published April 30, 2010

Recently, the administrators at Temple City High School have decided to implement a new “RAMS Intervention” program starting next semester.

This program is designed to help students in academic need by having a mandatory “study hall” session that will replace the current Silent Reading period. Any student that receives a “D” or “F” grade in a class this semester will be put into the program next semester.

Furthermore, students who receive a “basic” grade on their California Standardized Testing will also be put in the program, although it may be waivered if they have high scores in another tested subject. Also, in some cases, if a student promises to improve his or her grade if he or she receives a D and is forced to partake in the program, they may not need to go. However, this program is mandatory for all incoming freshmen.

The students in the program will be reviewed of their progress and may be put into or pulled out of the program at the end of each grading period, depending on their performance. Despite the RAMS Intervention being a mandatory class for those in need, students with high grades are also welcome to join the program, and are encouraged to help tutor failing students.

The intervention period will replace Silent Sustained Reading but be placed after fifth period, right before lunch. Students who are not in the program can skip this class and use the period as extended lunch time, with a total time of up to an hour. All classes are reduced by three minutes to accommodate for the scheduling.


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