City to Help District Secure Grant Funding for New Gym

Temple City to use its power and resources to assist the School District in obtaining grant money.

Written by RANDY SHUN / Published April 30, 2010

The city of Temple City will lend its resources to help the Temple City Unified School District obtain grant funding for a new gymnasium at Oak Avenue, the City Council on Tuesday said.

On Dec. 1, 2009, Councilman Tom Chavez reported he, the mayor, the city manager, and the parks and recreation director recently met with district officials to discuss allowing city employees to park at the district office, as well as constructing a new gym at Oak Avenue Intermediate.

“There is a “possibility of entering some type of joint venture” to refurbish or rebuild the Oak Avenue gym,” Chavez said.

The School District is eager to renovate the dilapidating gym, despite being in the middle hour of a terrible fiscal crisis.

For years, school board members have actively sought the city’s monetary assistance in the improvement of the athletic facility, but city officials have balked at using its reserves to finance such a project.

One solution may be for the district to obtain Proposition 84 grant funding, Chavez stated.

“If that were available, there is a possibility we may be able to construct a new gym rather than [just] tear up the carpet and install new flooring,” the councilman noted.

Mayor Pro Tempore Yu liked the option.

“It’s a great idea to have a new gym,” Yu said.

“When the School District applies for the grant, the city can act as a co-applicant, Pulido said.

Still, even if the School District receives grant funding, it will not receive more than $5 million. The city, Pulido stated, would not finance the project.

In May, the City Council considered building its own gym at Live Oak Park, but council members then voiced opposition to constructing an athletic facility on that site.

Moreover, city staff estimated a new gym would cost from $3 to $5 million, and given the economic situation and the lack of grants, the time did not feel right for a city-owned gym.


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