Opinion: Rush Hour

Student discusses traffic problems at Temple City High School.

Written by NELSON LUU / Published April 23, 2010

It’s a warm spring day and you’re trying to pass through a jumble of traffic for what seems like miles just to enter a well lit tunnel.

You finally manage to squeeze through thinking that the traffic would settle down once you get inside. It’s rush hour and you are already late as it is but you have to continue on.

Traffic is moving sluggishly as you try to maneuver through the crowd. You finally make it to the end of the tunnel only to find another clogged up exit to traverse through before reaching dear sunlight.

Sound like the morning commute on the I-10? Well it’s actually the morning rush hour in the 300s hallway at Temple City High School.

Students have all been through the experience of passing through that hallway in the morning on time or another. Many find it annoying while others scramble in order to get to class before the bell rings.

“I think that passing period gets really chaotic because too many people are trying to get through,” Senior Caroline Truong said. “[and] things get inefficient because some people block the entire entrance instead of going in or out.”

Many have tried alternate routes to bypass the pileup but oftentimes they take longer than the original route.

“Whenever I take the hallways I’m late, [sometimes] I try to go around the 300 building near the band room as a detour,” Junior Sammy Chang said. “but I become even later than when I take the longer detour.”

But there are solutions to this problem; Truong believes that “if people walked faster to get in and out of the hallways and did not linger near the doors while waiting for friends, then things would become more efficient.”

Other solutions could be to expand the doorways to allow more people access the hallway and even paint traffic lines on the floor. Yes, traffic lines.

Some have suggested that by separating the crowd into those heading north, and those heading south, then students would not have to dodge others heading in the opposite direction like a game of Frogger.

And finally, the last idea is just to encourage others to walk faster. Who hasn’t been stuck in the situation in which they were slowed down by a student who seemed to love to take his or her sweet time with walking the hallways and dragged a roller backpack behind them like a Hummer? Yes, the only thing I can compare it to is like driving behind a granny in an SUV on Golden West. And yes, this has happened to me on many occasions.

So please, try to encourage those straggler friends of yours to pick up the pace and get out of the exits because the administration is not going to spend the money on remodeling the doors or adding a fresh coat of paint anytime soon.

Editor’s Note: The views of this author do not reflect the views of the Temple City Voice or its staff.


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