Era of the Common Man: JSA Mini-Con

JSA holds a convention filled with debates and speeches covering how everyday Americans affect decisions made in Congress.

Written by NELSON LUU / Published April 2, 2010

On Saturday March 27, students, teachers and citizens from Temple City congregated to Temple City High School to participate in the Junior State of America’s annual Mini-Con.

Temple City High School’s JSA invited the Bishop Amat Memorial High School, The Buckley School and Oak Park High School JSA Chapters to participate. This year’s Mini-Con hosted two local politicians as keynote speakers for the Opening.

Alvaro Day, a graduate from Temple City High School began by talking about his platform as the Republican nominee for the 44th Assembly District. Fernando Vizcarra, mayor of Temple City, closed the opening by talking about the recent developments in Temple City politics and his platform for running for reelection as mayor.

After the keynote speakers gave their speeches, the debates and activities began. As this year’s theme is “Era of the Common Man”, debates and thought talks revolved around how everyday Americans are affecting the decisions made in Congress and issues that are affecting the common folk.

Topics of debates include credit card rates, a national unified curriculum and an interesting Teacher Debate against Mr. Lauterbach and Mr. Dagger on whether a flat tax is superior to a progressive tax. Students were thoroughly entertained as Mr. Dagger broke procedure and excessively talked over the time limit given by the moderator and ignored protestations by the time keeper and moderator. In the end, students voted on Mr. Lauterbach’s side.

Thought talks this year circled around political issues that affected the majority of Americans such as American civic responsibilities, government stimulus spending and an assessment of President Obama’s first 420 days in office. Students hosted activities to entertain and enlighten Mini-Con goers Quiz Bowl, an Impromptu Speech Contest and Political Pictionary were among the activities played.

The day ended with speeches from candidates that ran for positions in JSA state senate. This year’s Mini-con was a success and brought attention to key political issues in an entertaining matter. Members are excited to attend the upcoming Spring State and next year’s Mini-Con with hopes that they can be more involved.


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