Survey on Trash Services Being Developed

Ad hoc committee, Athens look into replacing manual trash collection service.

Written by RANDY SHUN / Published March 26, 2010

Temple City Councilman Tom Chavez announced on Tuesday a survey was being developed by city staff and Athens Services to assess the needs and wants of the community.

Chavez and Mayor Pro Tempore Vincent Yu sit on the Athens ad hoc committee. The ad hoc committee, formed in August, was asked to study the current trash collection service and determine whether the 30-year evergreen contract was still necessary.

The survey will determine “what the needs of the residents are and what they want in regards to the trash issue,” Councilmember Chavez said on November 17, 2009.

In addition to discussing the residential survey, Chavez reported that the ad hoc committee again discussed the rates of an automatic trash pick-up service.

At the last meeting, the councilmember informed officials that cost reductions would range from less than a dollar to three dollars and sixty cents per month.

Switching over to an automatic system would also require the purchase of alternative fuel vehicles and sturdier containers. The changes will likely reduce Temple City’s environmental footprint.

Another issue that was discussed was possibly “restructuring the contract,” Chavez stated.

Temple City’s current agreement with Athens Services automatically renews itself every year. For example, this year, the contract will expire in 2039. But in 2010, the contract will extend itself for a year and expire in 2040.

“No decisions were made at that time and we are continuing to look into possible options,” Chavez concluded.

Mayor Pro Tempore Yu added that both he and Councilmember Chavez are looking for a time to visit Athens’ material recovery facility. The material recovery facility is the center where all trash is processed prior to going to a landfill.


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