Councilmembers Still Meeting with Trash Hauler

Athens ad hoc committee discussing various options for Temple City residents

Written by RANDY SHUN / Published March 12, 2010 (ONLINE ONLY)

The ad hoc committee on trash services in Temple City will continue to meet with Athens Services representatives, Temple City councilman Tom Chavez reported Tuesday evening.

Councilman Chavez informed the City Council during the November 3, 2009 city council meeting that he, mayor pro tempore Vincent Yu, public services manager Bill Tidwell, and city manager Jose Pulido, recently attended a meeting with two Athens representatives.

A few issues were discussed during the meeting: going from a twice a week pick-up to a once a week pick-up, replacing the manual system with an automatic pick-up system, and providing a discount to senior residents.

Temple City could also opt to not change its services with Athens, the trash hauler’s executive vice president Dennis Chiappetta mentioned in the meeting.

If the City switches to an automatic system, the cost reductions will range from less than a $1 to $3.60 per month, Chavez stated.

Moreover, alternative fuel vehicles would need to be purchased, reducing the City’s environmental footprint, Yu said. Larger cans with sturdier lids would be required, plus the environmental benefits of causing less pollution and less runoff.

“Nothing, of course, has been written in stone at this point,” councilman Chavez said.

The councilman stated that Athens Services will continue to provide additional information, including data on costs. The ad hoc committee is also scheduled to meet again in two weeks.

Chavez concluded, “Athens…is willing to do whatever it takes to make us happy.”

Before any decision is made, the City and Athens plan to hold community forums, Yu reported.

“The public forums, we would like to have those, before we make any decisions or recommendations,” the mayor pro tempore commented.

In August, city officials selected councilmembers Tom Chavez and Vincent Yu to be a part of a trash services ad hoc committee. The pair was charged with studying the current trash collection service and determining whether a 30-year evergreen contract with Athens was necessary.


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