Dusty Sanderson Named Mr. Temple City

Sanderson wins the 2010 Mr. Temple City pageant; Nick Der and Max Ruckle are the first and second runner ups.

Written by KAREN TANG / Published March 5, 2010

The audience shifted in their seats in excitement as the seventh annual Mr. Temple City Pageant commenced in Room 601 on February 23.

Seniors Kim Scinta and Cassy Yang hosted the “007 James Bond” themed event, which is an annual satire of the strenuous Ms. Temple City Ambassador Pageant.

The fans in the crowd screamed crazily as eleven handsome men walked down the isle with their beautiful escorts.

The event began with the eleven male contestants walking down the stage with their female escorts. Senior Nick Der led the line, his stage name being “CommanDer in Chief”.  Tim “Timazing” Huynh, Max “The Situation” Ruckle, Andy “Version 4.0” Luu, and Allen “Cool Guy 5” Chen followed close behind, showing off a series of struts. Josh “The Guisian: The 1st Asian Guido” Lin, JJ “Sexy Sexy JJ” Bassette, Matt “Excali-Bear” O’Malley, Jack “LeBron Jack” Ng, Jason “lol Smiley Face”, and Dusty “The Good Boy” Sanderson then made their initial appearances.

After the intermission, the second half of the show then began. The boys continued their routine. They struck their sexiest poses in their favorite nighttime clothes.

During the second half of the performance, the boys continued their routine by striking their sexiest poses in their favorite nighttime clothes.

Afterwards, adorable baby pictures were put on display for the audience to guess who was who.

During the judging, the hosts asked the boys to show off their best cat walks and to give their best imitation of the titular theme, “007 James Bond”.

The results were soon announced.  Dusty Sanderson was crowned Mr. Temple City while Nick Der was the first runner-up and Max Ruckle the second.


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