High School Hosts Annual Art Show

Work from the high school’s various art classes will be displayed until Friday, February 26.

Written by NELSON LUU / Published February 26, 2010

Art students at Temple City High School showcased their talent at this year’s annual Art Show on Thursday February 18, 2010 from 3:30 to 6:30 PM in the school media center.

This year’s art show showcased work from all of the visual arts classes ranging from Art 1 and Advanced Art to AP Studio Art and this year’s newly introduced Illustration class.

Students worked from the beginning of the school year until the start of the Art Show to prepare pieces to be on display. Ms. Mihee Kim, the AP Studio Art, Ceramics and Honors Painting teacher expresses her pride in the art students on campus.

“The Art Show really helps promote art and highlights all of the talent our school has.” Kim says. “Students really take ownership in the Art Show each year.”

Students from different disciplines also gave demonstrations much to the delight of the visitors. Christian Arrants, Allie Chen, Nicole Hau and Meiyu Yip gave demonstrations on how to make pots on a potter’s wheel. Jackie Hou showed onlookers how to paint digitally using a tablet and Adobe Photoshop while Sharon Lai demonstrated different techniques of using oil paints and talked about the concept of social paintings.

“You pick an issue that is important to you and use your painting as a platform to express your feelings.” Lai said. “And you use colors to evoke emotions from the viewer.”

Her paintings were based on the rising divorce rates in America which she has had personal experience with. Students who came to the art show were awed at the works of their fellow students; some had no idea that their friends had so much talent. Some were even inspired.

“It really inspired me to become a better artist someday.” freshman Art 1 student Jing Zhu states. The pieces will be on display in the media center until Friday February 26, 2010.


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