Catching Up with Former Staff Writer Angie Yeh

The former Assistant Editor-in-Chief is now majoring in Kinesiology at Cal Poly Pomona.

Written by RAYMOND TRAN / Published February 12, 2010

From the heavy responsibilities to the new perspective gained through her time writing for the Temple City Voice, former Assistant Editor-in-Chief Angie Yeh is currently pursuing her goals outside of the community newspaper.

Yeh first joined Temple City Voice as Assistant Editor-in-Chief at the age of 18, and gained many responsibilities during her first year on staff.

As the second-in-command, Yeh helped organize and the entire newspaper and lead the staff.

She finds that her experience held numerous opportunities for her to meet new people and improve her social skills.

“My time in Voice was very interesting. I was forced, more or less, to come out of my comfort zone to interview people,” Yeh said. “I’m usually very shy, and it gave me a sense of leadership and responsibility.”

Yeh graduated from Temple City High School in 2009, and currently attends California Polytechnic State University. She is majoring in kinesiology, with an emphasis in the field of clinical health science. Yeh hopes to become a physical or occupational therapist in the future, and plans to write during her spare time.

In addition to her current pursuits in the field of science, Yeh contributes to the community by occasionally teaching piano.

She recently taught multiple students every week, and used the money that she earned from her job to sustain her college life. Although Yeh no longer teaches piano every week, she hopes to keep teaching piano as a part time job.

The former Assistant Editor-in-Chief views her overall experience of writing for Temple City Voice as an opportunity to learn and help out her community.

“[I] think people will get to see the world around them, and make small differences in their communities,” Yeh said. “I hope they [staff at Temple City Voice] will continue to work hard, and appreciate the opportunity to have their voices heard.”


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