Catching Up with Former Editor-in-Chief Margaret Thi

Thi served as editor-in-chief from 2008-2009 and as editor emeritus in 2009.

Written by CHRISTINE KEUNG / Published January 29, 2010

A sophomore at the University of California, San Diego and Temple City Voice‘s (TCV) editor emeritus, Margaret Thi has a busy schedule balancing her schoolwork and helping out the Voice.

She spent this summer helping Editor-in-Chief Sophia Chang train new staff members and editors and preparing the publication for its next step.

Her experience as the former editor-in-chief helped her perform administrative duties as well as advise the new leaders.

During administration changes or transitions, she meets up with the new staff and gives them an overview of what their role in the Voice is, training them once a week.

This work includes formatting the layout, editing, and planning meeting agendas.

“[Being an] editor emeritus is different from being the editor-in-chief because I just train, whether it be the new editor-in-chief or the [senior editor],” says Thi. “I sometimes have to help out with the editor-in-chief’s responsibilities because it’ll be too overwhelming for [him or her] to handle all these new responsibilities at once.”

As one of the founding members, Thi sees many changes in TCV since its inception.

“The staff has definitely expanded, and because some have stayed on staff for more than one or two years, they’re more experienced which is really helpful in training new members.”

“I think even the content of the articles we cover has improved significantly because all the new editor-in-chiefs bring in new ideas for potential articles. It also seems much more organized from when I first started.”

Although Thi has temporarily put her role in the organization on hold in order to focus more on school, she still plans to sporadically help the group.

“I am definitely looking forward to having more TCV-run events and I am hoping that our staff will continue to grow so that TCV can continue to thrive as a student-run newspaper.”


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