Temple City High School Induces the Jitterbug with Dance Concert

The Dance Concert led by the Choreo team at the high school is met with great reception.

Written by JASON ALVIN WU / Published January 22, 2010

With the eerily spectacular “Dreams and Nightmares” theme, Temple City High School’s annual Dance Concert brought much applause.

Held at Rosemead High School on January 15, students from both Oak Avenue Intermediate and TCHS’s classes performed a series of dance routines.

The concert featured several unique acts that were influenced by movies such as West Side Story, Dreamgirls, and the Matrix. Although a step away from the theme, several groups chose to hail a more modern feel to it, using songs such as “Down”, “Solo Dolo”, “Imma Be” and Tie Me Down”. During the Advanced Dance’s West Side Story performance, there was even a scene where Juniors Dustin Lee and Aaron Chen showcased their break dancing skills.

Brighter Side, the singing group at the high school, had a key part at the concert. They performed “Transylvania and promoted the upcoming musical, the “Wizard of Oz”. Fellow Brighter Side member and the Master of Ceremonies Samuel Thorne also led the Choreo team for the “I Can’t Be Bothered Now” routine.

As the concert’s main focus was on the Choreo team, the captains and co-captain of the group each had a solo act. Senior Katie Nguyen performed a piece titled “Gravity”, Senior Cassy Yang with “Almost Lover”, and Senior Joanna Amores with “Chills”.

The event was the highlight performance for most of the dancers at the high school, who only get to display their talents to a general audience once, making the ticket very worth its cost.


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