High School Sponsors Financial Aid Night

Temple City High School staff gives advice to students and parents on financial aid.

Written by JIMMY DU / Published January 15, 2010

Students and parents packed Temple City High School’s Media Center for Financial Aid Night on Thursday, January 7th , for information regarding federal aid.

Held annually, Financial Aid Night offers guidance through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) registration process and answers to individual inquiries. The PowerPoint presentation was introduced by TCHS counselor Julie Jorgensen and led by an Occidental College Representative, covering a broad range of information, from Cal Grants to the Federal Pin.

The representative covered every page in the FAFSA online registration. Nothing was left untouched. The result was a well-rounded presentation that covered every person’s needs in a two hour long presentation.

“The speaker knew what she was talking about and helped some [people] understand more about filling out the FAFSA, but the meeting was rather long.” Jessilyn Chwa, one of the many seniors who attended Financial Aid Night said, “There were some areas that she shouldn’t have spent so much time on”.

Those who attended received three items: a Cal Grant booklet, a FAFSA worksheet, and a packet containing printed versions of the slides shown during the presentation.

Both students and parents asked questions throughout the presentation—some serious, and others, slightly facetious. Despite some worried responses to the Selective Service Requirement, overall, the atmosphere was amiable and lighthearted.

Kelvin Cheng, also a senior, commented, “Financial Aid Night was both funny and serious at times.”

What the presentation offered benefited all of the attendees. Those with little or no knowledge obtained a sufficient understanding of the process, while those who entered the Media Center with prior experience with the process were given the opportunity to ask questions about any remaining areas that were unknown to them.

“This is the number one well,” counselor Jorgensen said about the process. “Hopefully after this, you can all go home and press that submit button.”

For students or parents who did not attend Financial Aid Night, or would like to obtain more information, visit http://www.fafsa.ed.gov.

FASFA and Cal Grant applications are due on Tuesday, March 2, 2010.


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