Dragonflicks Hosts Fifth Annual Talent Show

On November 17, Temple City High School Dragonflicks hosted its annual talent show in Room 601.

Written by CHRIS DU / Published November 20, 2009

At 6:30 p.m. teachers, students, and parents flocked in to watch the fifth annual Dragonflicks talent show in Room 601.

The various shows performed by students included singing, dancing, and playing the piano and cello.

The talent show was judged by Temple City High School (TCHS) teachers Mr. Russell, Mrs. Ferntheil, Mr. Latuerbach, and Mrs. Li. The grand prize was 100 dollars.

It was taken home by JJ Bassete, who played a self-arranged Pachabell’s Canon on the piano. Elyssa Brown won second place dancing to Then you Look at Me by Celine Dion. Ariana Barett won third place with How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore by Adele.

The contenders prepared over the course of three weeks. Students first had to audition. They then had to sell tickets for Dragonflicks and finally do a dress rehearsal before the big day. Many groups worked very hard to prepare for their precious minutes on stage.

Calvin Lu’s group, which performed as the Jackson Five, rehearsed for around 20 hours to get things right. “It was irritating and a lengthy process, but we felt accomplished once it all came together,” said Lu.

“This year’s talent show probably had the best talent we’ve seen in a long time,” said Mr. Kidd, the Dragonflicks advisor.


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