Close Our Eyes And The Flashback Starts: “Homecoming 2009”

TCHS held their Homecoming dance on Saturday, November 7, in Beckner gym.

Written by IVY VUONG / Published November 13, 2009

The week preceding Homecoming, plenty of girls students were inundated with bouquets of flowers.

Boys asked their dates using lyrics from the song “Love Story” by Taylor Swift, the theme selected by the Temple City High School (TCHS) Associated Student Body, due to it’s popularity.

“It’s a Love Story, baby just say…” many responded with just as the lyrics followed: “Yes.”

Preceding the dance, TCHS held a Homecoming Rally with the intent to gather and raise spirits for the upcoming dance and also to promote it.

During the assembly, the five Homecoming princesses played two games. One was to pick a close friend in which they would answer a series of questions. Points were collected based on which pair had the most matched answers.

The second of the games was a people scavenger hunt. A list of items, such as finding someone wearing red shoes, someone wearing flannel, someone that has freckles, or someone who is willing to sing “Love Story” in front of everyone was issued. The assembly also consisted of sports updates, and performances by Band, Cheer, Pep Flags, and Song.

That Homecoming Friday night, Temple City Rams played South Pasadena Tigers and won 35-12. In the Homecoming half-time presentation, the Brighter Side Singers sang “Love Story”, as the Spirit of Temple City Band, Color Guard, and Song dancers simultaneously performed.

As the princesses’ escorts walked the princesses out, a script was read about the prince’s family, Romeo, and the princesses’ family, Citian. (Hence Romeo and Temple City.) The whole creation itself was it was both aesthetically and mellifluously sound. Stephanie Dang, also ASB President, was announced as TCHS’s 2009 Homecoming Queen and was crowned by last year’s queen Susan Deng.

The dance itself was held in the high school’s gym, Beckner Ballroom, with the foyer decorated with wallpaper of a castle, with lyrics from “Love Story,” and a picture of a prince and princess.

Homecoming princess Christie Wang noted how eventful it all was. “I had a lot of fun at my first and last Homecoming Dance,” she said. “I will definitely cherish all of the memories I’ve gained from the entire Homecoming experience.”


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