TCHS Hosts College and Career Fair

Temple City High School hosts its annual College and Career Fair.

Written by LESLIE WU / Published November 6, 2009

Temple City High School (TCHS) holds an annual College and Career fair, where representatives from various institutions present themselves before students in the high school gym and room 601.

The 2009 College and Career fair took place on Tuesday, October 27. The fair was divided into three sessions. Students attended the event at various locations and times depending on what class they had during fourth period.

Schools such as Citrus Community College, Pasadena City College, and the University of California, Los Angeles, among others, participated. The representatives were eager to speak to students about subjects ranging from college entrance requirements, class size and the rigors of campus life and housing. To entice students to learn more about their school or profession, many booths gave away freebies.

Representatives from several career paths were present, including architects, teachers, pilots, firefighters, and coroners. These individuals educated students who asked questions about their professions and the level of education required for success.

Local private and technical colleges also were on hand including the School of Culinary Arts, along with Devry, School of Film and Design, and the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

Outside, students watched their peers face off against military personnel in football. Navy servicemen competed against kids by testing one another’s precision and accuracy in throwing a football, while Marines tested for endurance by push-ups.

“This gets us thinking about our futures,” says TCHS senior Melody Lin.


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