Four Commission Seats Filled

City Council holds special meeting to fill commissions’ vacancies.

Written by RANDY SHUN / Published October 23, 2009

Former city council candidate Peggy Miller fills an unexpected vacancy on the Parks and Recreation commission, while former School Board Member Ed Chen, Patrick Horton and Manuel Valenzuela III were appointed to the Planning commission.

All appointees were considered by the City Council on Monday, July 6, 2009 and will be sworn into office tomorrow, July 7.

Miller, a Temple City resident, was nominated by councilmembers Cynthia Sternquist, Judy Wong and Vincent Yu. She was approved by a 3-2 vote, with councilmembers Tom Chavez and Fernando Vizcarra casting the dissenting votes.

She replaces former Parks and Recreation commissioner Pamela Yugar, who submitted her resignation in June.

The term for Miller’s seat ends on June 30, 2010.

After selecting Miller to serve on the Parks and Recreation commission, the City Council moved to consider applicants for the Planning commission.

Valenzuela, the only candidate that received a unanimous confirmation, was nominated by councilman Yu. He previously interviewed for a seat on the Planning commission and now serves on the board of directors with the Temple City Chamber of Commerce.

Horton was nominated by councilman Chavez and won confirmation with a 4-1 vote. Councilman Yu cast the lone dissenting vote.

Former School Board Member Chen was nominated by councilwoman Judy Wong. Chen, defeated for re-election in 2005, won confirmation by a 3-2 vote. Councilmembers Sternquist and Vizcarra voted against his appointment.

Don Griffiths, a long-time Planning commissioner and past chairman whose term expired on June 30, was denied another term on the commission.

The terms for the Planning commissioners expire on June 30, 2011.

After the new appointees are sworn in, both commissions will finally be completely filled. Since the March election, a cycle of vacancies and appointments has affected the Parks and Recreation and Planning commissions.

Miller will join Parks and Recreation commissioners Dan Arrighi, Nanette Fish, Chris Goad and Andrea Olivas.

Chen, Horton and Valenzuela will join Planning commissioners Tom O’Leary and Jerry Seibert.


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