City Hall to Open on Fridays

In a unanimous vote to expand city services, the City Council pushes for City Hall to operate five days a week.

Written By RANDY SHUN / Published October 9, 2009

Beginning in 2010, the city offices of Temple City will operate one additional day: Friday.

In August, the City Council renewed discussion on increasing the service hours from the current Monday through Thursday only schedule.

The new timeline allows residents to come to City Hall on Fridays. It keeps the current closing time at 6 p.m.

New hours will distribute staff over four-day work cycles. Employees have the option of working on a Monday to Thursday or Tuesday through Friday period, from 7:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Rotation of staff, however, may induce a few problems.

Councilman Tom Chavez raised concerns on having a limited workforce on Fridays, which may lead to inefficiency or security issues. But, interim City Manager Cathy Burroughs claimed rerouting certain departments, as well as cross-training will resolve both problems.

The changes will take place on January 10, allowing the city to properly inform residents and accommodate the upcoming holiday season.

“I’m leery about waiting until January,” said councilmember Cynthia Sternquist.

Employment of a part-time clerk on Fridays will cost less than $4,000 annually, said Burroughs.

Departments with larger staffs will provide the necessary employees to fill empty positions on Friday. Associate planners will receive training in dispatching basic permits, the most understaffed sector.

In response to a potential staffing delay, Mayor Fernando Vizcarra asserted, “How you do this is not my business. As long as the staff is responsible, we [the City Council] don’t need to micromanage.”


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