City Considers Working with Habit for Humanity

In a venture to readily secure state-mandated low income housing, the city of Temple City plans to work with Habit for Humanity in future construction projects.

“Many local cities were involved with Habit for Humanity housing requirements,” say councilmember Cynthia Sternquist. “We should look outside the box to meet low-cost alternatives.”

Sternquist has arranged to meet with the Glendale chapter. She also invited Community Development Manager Joseph Lambert to attend.

The meeting consists of a three-hour orientation that includes a video presentation, question and answer session and a van tour of ongoing projects.

Other councilmembers were receptive of the idea.

Councilman Tom Chavez supported Sternquist’s visit, citing his own experience with Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans. But added, “details need to be worked out-who, what, how.”

Vincent Yu, Mayor Pro Tempore, reaffirmed Chavez’s statements. He also recounted designing Habitat for Humanity homes as an architect.

Planning Commissioner Patrick Horton also praised the City Council for its willingness to interact with the philanthropic organization. “We are pursuing our 50th anniversary with a commitment to affordable housing,” he says. Horton further suggested enlisting the aid of local Boy Scouts or District students to assist with construction.

Habit for Humanity uses volunteer workers to construct low-cost and effective housing, often cheap, interest-free mortgages. The organization also promotes alternative energy, youth involvement and recycling with its activities.


This article was written by Randy Shun. It was published in the Temple City Voice on September 18, 2009.


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