Wong Appoints A New Editor-In-Chief

Sophia Chang, a Temple City High School (TCHS) senior, replaced Jessilyn Chwa as Editor-in-Chief on Saturday, August 22. Chang becomes the fourth person to hold the title.

Chang, previously the assistant editor and community affairs director, plans to use experience and in-group involvement to implement new changes to the Voice. “We need more than our writers to know what’s going on in the community,” asserts Chang, “so we’re going to include more engaging, cosmopolitan news.” Her plans include enlarging the paper size, increasing distribution, adding columns, and hosting video news coverage.

In addition to outreach, Chang expects to improve the Voice’s infrastructure. “We have lots of potential and should bring [the Voice] somewhere,” she says. Through optimism and efficiency, Chang believes the staff can “work together to bring everyone together.”

Chang’s involvement with the newspaper began in 2007; her community participation ranges from attending school board meetings to interviewing candidates. As community affairs director, she served as the liaison between the Temple City Unified School District and the Voice and organized Voice events while as assistant editor. “Working for the Voice has been really rewarding,” Chang states, “I’ve learned so much.”

Chang aims to incorporate more articles with a larger paper size by the end of the year. “By expanding our coverage, we hope to better inform our community of a broader range of news,” says Chang. The Voice is expected to move to an 8.5” x 14” frame by mid-December to early January.

The current staff, in conjunction with Chang’s new policies, is also upping their performance to meet new standards. TCHS junior writer Jason Alvin Wu says, “We’re trying to grow, so the paper may start columns, for the environment or opinions.” He mentions widening the scope of the Voice allows for writers to feel more connected. “It helps us write about things we care,” he adds.

Temple City Voice founder Matthew Wong chose Chang after a recommendation from the Editor Emeritus, Margaret Thi.

“During the summer, I asked Margaret to do an assessment of Sophia,” he states. “From what I have seen and heard, Sophia was the perfect candidate for the job.”

“I am confident Sophia will do a fantastic job as head of the executive team and the Voice itself” he further comments. Their ideals fall in line together; both adamantly believe in the power of students and groups communicating together throughout the Temple City.

Chang, at the end, laughs, “We all have to work together to make Temple City even better.”


This article was written by Randy Shun. It was published in the Temple City Voice on September 4, 2009.


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