School Board Okays Changes to TCHS Staff

The state budget cuts that happened a few months ago are old news; so are the pink slips. But the Temple City Unified School District is still struggling to adapt to this budget deficit.

On Wednesday, July 29, the local School Board held a special meeting that approved changes to the staff at Temple City High School (TCHS).

Kate Franceschini, assistant principal at TCHS, will be re-positioned as the Director of Instructional Services in order to compensate for a portion of the budget cuts.

Franceschini, a former Rampage advisor and long-time District employee, was appointed to her current position in 2007. She joined the TCHS administration on October 29, 2007.

In addition to District swap with the TCHS administration, the School Board is also trying to lessen the job burden of the Dean of Activities.

School Board Members want to place a teacher, one teaching less than six classes, in place of the Associated Student Body (ASB) advisor. This change would add approximately $26,000 to the salary of whoever assumes the position.

A new ASB advisor will be found before school begins and the School Board hopes it will be someone who loves the job.


This article was written by Chris Du. It was published in the Temple City Voice on August 7, 2009.


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