T.C. Voice: Celebrating Our Third Anniversary

After three years of volunteer, news reporting service, the Temple City Voice is celebrating its anniversary this Friday.

In July 2006, Matthew Wong, then an incoming senior at Temple City High School, decided to create a nonpartisan, non-bias news publication for the city of Temple City.

“When I founded the Temple City Voice, I envisioned a news publication, run mostly by students, which would bring up community issues not being raised by the present media” says Wong.

Wong’s attempt to combine student activism and community awareness has resulted in a sideline syndication that utilizes high school students to engage in civic functions while learning the mechanics of government.

Also known simply as the Voice, the student-led organization has grown from a few volunteers to a size that complements its role in expanded news coverage of city and school affairs.

The slogan for this upcoming year is, “Many Voices, One Community.”

“The past three years, we’ve focused on expanding the Temple City Voice in the community,” explains Jessilyn Chwa, Editor-in-Chief, “but this year, the Voice is more about uniting the staff together.”

“Our goal is not only to expand in the city, but to strengthen our staff as a whole,” says Chwa. Chwa is an incoming senior at Temple City High School (TCHS) and is the Voice’s third editor-in-chief.

The Temple City Voice staff consists of students from both the Temple City and Arcadia high schools.

“Sometimes people don’t take us seriously,” states Assistant Editor Sophia Chang, “but we still offer nonpartisan, fair news while working on important projects, such as voter polls and city forums.”

Chang and Randy Shun, Senior Editor of the Voice, both served as the community affairs director last year. Both are seniors at TCHS.

Chris Du, also a senior at TCHS, was tapped into the position of community affairs director. The other community affairs director position is still vacant.

“Matthew and Margaret [Thi], the founder and the editor emeritus, respectively, have divided up [the executive] duties more equally,” comments Chwa, “so the running of the newspaper will become easier.”

The Temple City Voice experienced some restructuring earlier this summer. Five individuals will compose of an executive team that will assist the editor-in-chief in fulfilling her duties.

Last week, Margaret Thi, a former editor-in-chief, was formally introduced as the editor emeritus. Thi will help guide and train the members of the executive team.

As the Voice enters its fourth year of operation, it hopes to not only remain active in community affairs, but also to continue garnering respect from the residents of Temple City.


This article was written by Jason Alvin Wu. It was published in the Temple City Voice on July 24, 2009.


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