Club Focus: Model United Nations

Unlike any other club at Temple City High School, Model United Nations–or as club members called it, MUN–is a club dedicated to giving students a taste of the real United Nations located in New York City.

Every year, they attend two main conferences: UCLA’s, around November, and Berkeley’s, around March. Students work in pairs and are assigned different countries in order to research their countries’ policies and to develop resolutions for different problems. As Vice-President of Model United Nations, junior Ivy Vuong explains what MUN is all about.

What is Model United Nations?

Model United Nations is basically a simulation of the United Nations. Students assume the roles of delegates and represent a specific country. As diplomats, we are required to represent the policies of our country and then work with other countries to form resolutions to world issues.

What is the purpose of Model United Nations?

In all, the purpose is to be more aware of world issues and to allow each delegate to formulate possible resolutions through research and debate.

What type of events does Model United Nations hold?

We have two main events that we attend each year–the UCLA Model United Nations Conference usually held in November and the Berkeley Conference held in March. We also have Mock Conferences held before each conference to give participants a sense of how the conference flows.

What have you learned from MUN?

From attending the conferences, I learned a lot on how the United Nations runs. Moreover, I learned a tremendous amount on my specific topics from the past- disarmament, obstacles to International Humanitarian Aid, and protection of indigenous cultures.

Are there any improvements that MUN can make next year?

Next year, I plan to do weekly activities focusing on each aspect of the conference. I also plan to have a fundraising activity for the members to help alleviate the cost of the trips.


This article was written by Aiden Leong. It was published in the Temple City Voice on June 12, 2009.


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