Temple City High School Junior to Attend Girls State 

Christine Keung, a junior at Temple City High School, has been selected to attend the 2009 Girls State session at Pitzer College in Claremont, CA from June 27 to July 3.

Keung competed with four other eleventh grade nominees in a thorough selection process. She was nominated by Kevin Slattery and Wendy Van Thiel, physics and journalism teachers at the high school, respectively.

Representatives from the American Legion, who sponsor the program, conducted a group interview, which consisted of personal questions and inquiry on political issues like flag burning.

The Temple City delegate, who has expressed interest in politics with her involvement in the Junior State of America and Rampage, the Temple City High School newspaper, looks forward to learning about leadership and citizenship.

“I have a passion for politics,” said Keung, “and I’m excited to spend a week with a group of girls from California who share the same interests as me.”

Delegates will be spending six days learning about federal government of the United States. All girls will be grouped into cities and placed in either Whig or Tory parties. They will then participate in a mock Senate and election simulations.

Other extracurricular activities, like a daily newspaper and a band are available for all students. However, the American Legion is primarily focused on instilling good virtues in all delegates.

“It’s really just developing leadership,” Keung noted, “and encouraging that quality in young women.”


This article was written by Jason Wu. It was published in the Temple City Voice on June 5, 2009.


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