City Council Gives Nod to Rosemead Boulevard Beautification Project

The City Council was shown a presentation on proposed improvements to Rosemead Boulevard on Tuesday, February 17, 2009.

With PowerPoint, Elie Farah, a consultant with EFI, and Paul Nota, a sub consultant with Lost West, presented key aspects of the Rosemead Beautification Project.

The Rosemead Boulevard Project will be composed of landscape improvements and safety enhancements. Tree plantings, more lighting, new bus shelters and a new city monument were highlighted in the presentation.

In 2008, Temple City acquired Rosemead Boulevard, also known as California Highway 19. Since then, the city has expressed interest in ameliorating the road from its current condition.

City staff estimate the total cost for improving Rosemead Boulevard to be around $6-8 million dollars.

According to Public Services Manager Chuck Erickson, the city has secured about $6 million in grants. This amount does not include the supplemental $275,000 Temple City is expected to be given for traffic signal upgrades on the two streets: Longden Avenue and Broadway Avenue. Erickson revealed the newly secured federal grant for the Rosemead Boulevard cross-streets in the March 5 City Manager’s Weekly Report.

If the costs for improvements are above what the grant monies provide, the city could pay for the rest with its generous reserves or could pass the costs onto properties within an assessment district.

At a December city council meeting, the governing body voted to consider creating an assessment district for Rosemead Boulevard. Should the voters and city council approve of an assessment district, approximately 300 residences and business located on California Highway 19 would be affected.

Veronica Aguas, a representative for Avant Garde, did note that Temple City had enough grant money for the project during the Tuesday council meeting.

Future maintenance costs could still be funded by a lighting and maintenance assessment district stated Erickson, in response to a question by councilman Fernando Vizcarra.

City Manager and City Attorney Charles R. Martin also commented that Temple City could foot the bill because of income generated by the costs of code and traffic enforcement on Rosemead Boulevard.

Without any opposition, the City Council unanimously agreed to move forward with the Rosemead Beautification Project. Councilman Dave Capra was absent.


This article was written by Randy Shun. It will be published in the Temple City Voice on May 29, 2009.


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