Club Feature: Environmental Club

From picking up trash at the beach to planting trees around the community, Environmental Club is a club that promotes environmental awareness among high school students and the community.

Environmental Club collaborates with other organizations to raise money for charity and to practice environmentalism. Every Friday, Environmental Club meets to discuss environmental issues and to organize community service activities that helps the environment.

In her first year as president, junior Veronica Lin explains the impact that Environmental Club has had in the community.

What is the main purpose of Environmental Club?

Our goal is to spread environmental awareness around the campus, encourage members to help the earth by watching the little things they do each day, and to participate in community service activities that benefit the environment.

What separates Environmental Club from other clubs?

We are different because our focus is on the environment. Although we do help out with other clubs and organizations for non-environmentally related activities such as the FBLA Benefit Concert, fostering a concern for the environment is our priority.

What kinds of events does Environmental Club hold?

We do various environmentally related events including tree planting, recycling, hiking, campus cleanup and beach cleanup. We have partnered with FBLA [Future Business Leaders of America] for their Benefit Concert in raising money to purchase water filters for people in Africa and have also done numerous recycling events with the Environmental Group in Gabrielino High School.

Why should students join Environmental Club?

There are many community service based clubs on campus, but Environmental Club provides a chance for students to understand the environment they are living in, the problems that exist and the things they can do to help in their daily life.

What experience have you gained by leading Environmental Club?

I have learned so much this year with handling tough situations, contacting event coordinators, working with different clubs/schools, speaking before a group on a regular basis and cooperating with different people. One of the most important things I have learned is to distribute work and learn to trust other people in projects that we do because it is impossible to do everything yourself.

What can Environmental Club do better next year?

We can definitely improve a lot next year by having consistent events, volunteering for non-environmentally related causes along with the events we do already and more organization. The meetings will be more fun and engaging, we will have a newsletter on the latest environmental issues and more socials.


This article was written by Darren Lai. It was published in the Temple City Voice on May 15, 2009.


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