Academic Performance of Hispanic/Latino Students Decreases

Academic performance among students of Latino and/or Hispanic descent continues to decline in the Temple City Unified School District (TCUSD).

“Latino decline is masked each year” stated Christina Luna, assistant Superintendent of educational services. “As a teacher, one should think, ‘What should I be doing? How can I help improve students’ work habits?’ ”

Luna presented statistics comparing the 2007-2008 Academic Performance Index (API) scores of students from the Asian, Caucasian and Latino backgrounds on Wednesday, April 15, 2009.

Overall, the API score for Latinos fell 4 points. Latino students at Cloverly elementary, Emperor elementary and Oak Avenue Intermediate experienced a 20, 30 and 11 point increase, respectively. At La Rosa elementary, Longden elementary and Temple City High School, however, Latinos recorded losses of 1, 42 and 21 points.

The largest ethnic/racial group of students at TCUSD is Asian, at 61 percent. Latinos follow at 17 percent, whites 15 percent and unspecified at 7 percent.

“We need to see with a clear direction and promote hard work to see improvement in our students,” Luna stressed. “We hope to see a drastic increase in API scores over the next few years. We must take responsibility for [the] lack of achievement.”


This article was written by Katie Brown. It was published in the Temple City Voice on May 15, 2009.


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