City Considers Gym at Live Oak Park

A gymnasium could soon come to Temple City.

On Tuesday, February 17, 2009, the City Council discussed two proposals to add a gym at Live Oak Park. Both concepts, which place the site of the proposed gym at different locations, were presented by Cathy Burroughs, Parks and Recreation director for Temple City.

“Staff believes a City-owned gymnasium would be extremely beneficial to the community” wrote Burroughs in the City Manager’s Weekly Report on February 5.

The first site locates the gym at the west side of Live Oak Park. Doing so would remove the existing outdoor basketball courts, but places the gym near the multipurpose facility that began construction earlier this month. Construction of the multipurpose facility is expected to end in August.

The other potential site would locate both a gym and a swimming pool at the northeast corner of the park. If the City goes with this proposal, two tennis courts will be eliminated.

City staff presented the City Council with three options.

One, the City hires an architectural firm to provide a study for both locations, develop a design and provide an approximate budget. Fees for this choice ranged from about $31,000 to $62,250.

Two, the City selects a site and approves a budget amendment to construct the gym. The total budget cost for this option was estimated at $4-5 million.

Three, the City could defer the project to a later date.

According to Burroughs, grant monies for the project were not solicited because they were only available for outdoor areas and not indoor facilities.

After some consideration, the City Council voted 4-0 to defer action until May, but allow the Parks and Recreation department to look for alternative sources of funding or grants. Councilman Dave Capra was absent.


This article was written by Randy Shun. It was published in the Temple City Voice on May 15, 2009.



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