Club Feature: French Club

Being one of the oldest clubs at Temple City High School to date and one of the few that are cultural-based, French Club promotes both the French culture and its mutuality between club members. French club has been one of the most popular clubs on campus from its start long ago to this very day. Sophomore Heidi Chow discusses her views on the club as secretary.

What is the purpose of French Club?

French club is one of the few remaining cultural clubs that remain on campus. As a club, we’re all interested in French culture, but we also try to immerse ourselves with other cultures, too. For instance, we celebrate Chinese New Year’s with a party: Panda Express. We know it’s not authentic, but it’s something.

What sort of events does French Club do?

Pizza parties are traditional. We always have pizza parties open to the public. Sign up first and pay $3 by the deadline for 2 slices and 1 drink. Otherwise, we have our Chinese New Year party and our Mediterranean food party.

Every year during Christmas time, we take part and promote in “People for People”—a program where we go out make or buy gifts for those in need. Every year, we try to do some different fundraisers: In n’ Out, ice cream Party; they’re all ideas we have in mind. We also go out to see musicals when they’re in the area.

Why should students join French Club?

It’s fun. Nowadays students don’t seem to be as culturally aware as they should be and that’s where discrimination can come in. We like to have food events because we like to talk, to share, to socialize. The officers in French Club are like a family and we try to branch out to our other club members. Students should join French Club because they should immerse themselves in culture and make some new friends. We don’t bite.

What is unique about the club?

What other club serves pizza almost every month? We also offer some events that other clubs don’t, such as our Mediterranean food party. Mediterranean food is amazing, as are French pastries, [especially] crepes. Last year, as a club, we went to see Phantom of the Opera.

How long has the club been active?

15 years to this date, which began with Madame Des Rochers and is now continuing with Madame Hodang. No other cultural club has lasted this long.

Why do you think that a cultural club has existed for so long?

We are an organized club. Each officer shows dedication. We always pass down our knowledge and advice on how to run the club, or rather what has worked in the past. Also, before the school year, the officers go out and bond. If the officers are close and keep a good attitude, it reflects back on the club members. That, and the fact that nous adorons le français – we love French and that’s how it all starts.


This article was written by Jason Alvin Wu. It was published in the Temple City Voice on May 1, 2009.


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