City Council Moves to Create a Rosemead Boulevard Assessment District

The City Council voted unanimously to consider creating an assessment district on Rosemead Boulevard on Tuesday, December 16, 2008.

The city of Temple City officially acquired Rosemead Boulevard, also known as California Highway 19 in 2008. Jack Scott, then state Senator, and Assemblyman Anthony Portantino carried SB 910 through the various legislative committees. SB 910 relinquishes state control of the highway to Temple City.

On Tuesday evening, City Manager and City Attorney Charles R. Martin commented that the City Council had previously authorized improvements to Rosemead Boulevard. City staff has estimated the total costs to be around $6-8 million dollars.

Instead of having the entire City fund the improvement project, the City Council could approve an assessment district. An assessment district spreads the costs among the properties that would benefit from improvements.

“We have $6 million [dollars] in grant monies” said Public Services Manager Chuck Erikson. The grant monies can be used to ameliorate street lighting, medians and landscaping, he added.

The only costs Temple City or those in the assessment district have to pay are the costs above what the grant monies provide.

According to Erikson, there are approximately 300 properties along Rosemead Boulevard that may be placed in an assessment district. This includes the residents, condominiums and businesses.

“We want to improve our portion because he state does not want to” stated Martin when asked why Temple City acquired California Highway 19.

“H & A [Harris and Associates] has to contact every legal voter [in the area]” noted Martin.

The process takes approximately one year and voters must vote to support the assessment district in order to proceed. Then, the City Council must make the final authorization for the lighting district.

“This city has not engaged in many assessment districts” said Martin.

If an assessment district is created, an amount would be assessed on the property tax of the affected properties.

Harris and Associates will be paid $45,500 to assist Temple City in this process.


This article was written by Randy Shun. It was published in the Temple City Voice on April 3, 2009.


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