Temple City Joins Economic Partnership

The City Council of Temple City voted 4-1 to join a regional economic organization to try to improve the city’s depressed economy on December 2, 2008. Councilman Ken Gillanders voted against the proposal.

Temple City is now one of twenty-nine cities to have membership with the San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership (SGVEP).

Mike Shay, Vice-President of Investor Relations, had presented a proposal to the City Council on October 21.

On Tuesday, Shay returned to ask the city to consider joining at either the General Membership Level (GML) or Leadership Membership Level (LML). A GML entitles Temple City to be represented by City Manager Charles R. Martin; whereas, a LML entitles full council representation.

Temple City Mayor Cathé Wilson stated her support for a LML and councilwoman Judy Wong agreed.

Councilman Gillanders preferred the GML because it would have only cost Temple City $2500 annually. He stated there was no evidence the SGVEP would benefit the City.

The rest of the City Council did not agree with Gillanders and chose to support Wilson and Wong’s plan for the Temple City to attain membership with full council representation. The fee for LML is $5000 for twelve months.

The City Council has been active in pushing to ameliorate economic conditions in Temple City.

In June, the City Council adopted the Small Business Developer Center (SBDC) proposal lobbied by the Temple City Chamber of Commerce. Then, in September, the City Council voted to end a controversial non-retail business moratorium. The moratorium had been in place since April 2008.

In addition to the City’s present woes, Temple City faces declining sales tax revenues, money used to run the local government.

“The fiscal picture for next year is even more desperate with depressed sales tax revenues, and lower interest paid on reserves” wrote City Manager Martin in his weekly report on November 20.

As of November 30, Temple City has cash reserves of approximately $29.5 million. An additional $4.5 million is owed to the City by the Community Redevelopment Agency.


This article was written by Randy Shun. It was published in the Temple City Voice on March 13, 2009.


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