Budget Forces School Board to Cut

Superintendent Dr. Chelsea Kang-Smith, school board members, parents, and teachers gathered in the Temple City High School Media Center for a special budget meeting on Monday, March 9.

The meeting began with parents and teacher speaking out against the laying off of teachers. High school English teacher Ms. Lilah Herman asked, “How is this keeping cuts away from [the] students?”

She talked about how the firing of teachers would lead to the increase of each classroom size by five. Students would not be given the individual attention they need.

Dr. Kang-Smith talked about how the budget crisis is a national epidemic and that many districts are forced to close down schools. The board was not aware of the state’s new budget until February.

In the budget, 62% of the cuts were made in education. Dr. Kang-Smith stated that even considerably well off districts are faced with this is problem and that “difficult times like this need us all to work together.”

The School Board plans to save money by reducing the number of special education aids, district office clerks, custodians, and noon duty aides. They plan to eliminate the tech-lite stipend and lay off IRC employees. They also plan to reduce campus supervisors and kindergarten and ELD aids.

Another way the School Board plans to conserve funds is by renting District facilities to Chinese schools and organizations such as Chess Masters. The estimated cost of utility use by all Temple City organizations is around $10,000.

Thirty-six pink slips will be handed out to teachers in the district, but there is always a chance for those slips to be rescinded.


This article was written by Christine Keung. It was published in the Temple City Voice on March 13, 2009.


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