2009 City Council Elections: Yu, Chavez Win

Vincent Yu: 1791 (29.83%) WINNER

Tom Chavez: 1395 (23.23%) WINNER

Chuck Souder: 1077 (17.94%)

Ken Gillanders*: 687 (11.44%)

Cathe Wilson*: 673 (11.21%)

Silenus Ong: 381 (6.35%)


All precincts have now reported; they include the signature-verifed vote-by-mail ballots and precincts 1, 4, 10, 64, 68, 73 ballots. There are a total of 235 provisional and vote-by-mail ballots left to be counted.


One comment

  1. Guy DeMarco

    Good news to see we have new blood in the City Council. I think this will be the type of result we will see in future elections as most residents have grown weary of the “status quo” in our town. I wish the new Council Members much success.

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