Candidates’ Support Revealed by Endorsements

As the city council election draws near, the six candidates have found received numerous endorsements from organizations, unions, and individuals.

“I have not actively sought endorsements from any elected officials, groups, or organizations,” Tom Chavez said. “I have concentrated my efforts on our individual citizens.”

Nonetheless, Chavez has received significant support from many businesses in Temple City, including Pomes Insurance Services, Beto’s Grill, and Rite Way Services.

Although the primary sources of his backing have been private businesses, Chavez has also received support from Dr. Kenneth Martin.

Meanwhile, Ken Gillanders has received support from Beth Rivas, president of the El Monte School District Board.

“The support we can give [to other cities] is generally limited,” said Gillanders, who, in the past, has sought to improve relations with neighboring areas. “We have little to know contact with other districts.”

Silenus Ong says, “I have not solicited any endorsements from any groups.”

Regardless, he added that he is proud to have received an endorsement from Craig Huey, the researcher and coordinator of

Chuck Souder’s support has come primarily from other elected officials in Temple City.

He has been backed by individuals like Cynthia Sternquist, the Parks and Recreation commissioner, Fernando Vizcarra, a city councilmember, and Dorothy Murset, a member of the Chamber of Commerce.

“I want to bring back a transparent and open government to Temple City,” advocated Souder. “so people can be more open to the City Council.”

In the meantime, many groups that perform public services, including the Association for Los Angeles Deputies and Los Angeles County Fire Department, have rallied behind Cathe Wilson.

Wilson has received their support as a result of her own services, as she notes, “I have been involved in every capacity as a volunteer.”

Vincent Yu, currently a member of the Temple City Planning Commission, has garnered the support of current councilmembers Fernando Vizcarra and Judy Wong, as well as former Temple City Board of Education member Joan Vizcarra. He also has the backing of Carl Blum, who served on the Planning Commission with Yu.

The architect has gained support from members of the Temple City Neighborhood Alliance and Temple City Chinese American Association as well.

“I am encouraged to have support from Asians and non-Asians alike,” proclaimed Yu, “from retired folks to families with children.”

In any case, all of the candidates seem to have adopted a philosophy that avoids actively fighting for endorsements.

Instead, the candidates have focused on city affairs, and supporters have rallied themselves behind these intentions.


This article was written by Jason Wu. It was published in the Temple City Voice on Feburary 27, 2009.


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