Yu, Planning Commissioner, Seeks a Seat on the City Council

Vincent Yu

The Temple City Voice is featuring a series of interviews with those running for City Council. This is the last interview we have planned for the March 2009 election.

Vincent Yu, a Temple City Planning commissioner, has high hopes for Temple City. With an architectural license under his belt, he plans to rebuild and redevelop Temple City, which he believes suffers from lack of development.

If elected, Yu would like to propel Temple City to become a better community. “I would like to see positive changes in the Council,” Yu says, “Most of [the] time, the Council votes [are] split into 3 [and] 2.”

His background in architect heavily influences his plans for the city. “I will bring to the Council my expertise as an architect as well as a planner. Temple City is in real need for redevelopment and re-building,” Yu explains, “Some might say that in this economic climate it is hard to find development money, but especially at this time, we cannot afford to make any more mistakes.”

Additionally, Yu also believes that cooperation between organizations, as well as the participation of citizens in city-held events, is necessary.

“I think there is enough interest and intelligence in our city to get stakeholders [actively] participating in planning [for] the future,” Yu further expands, “This will involve everyone in the city in the form of public hearings and town hall meetings. I would like to see changes to bring City Hall more open and more responsive to its citizens and businesses.”

As a resident, Yu recognizes the good aspects of Temple City. “Temple City is a great little city and I like it so much. My family and I [have been] living here for 18 years [now]. It has a lot going for it, [including] good school districts and a nice middle class neighborhood.”


This article was written by Jason Alvin Wu. It was published in the Temple City Voice on February 20, 2009.


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