Souder: Keeping Temple City Safe and Sound

Chuck SouderThe Temple City Voice is featuring a series of interviews with those running for City Council. This is the fourth interview we have planned for the March 2009 election.

Among the candidates running for City Council is Charles “Chuck” Souder. He has served on the City Council for nine years, served as Mayor twice, and is a retired businessman.

If Charles Souder is elected, he plans on replacing the City Manager and City Attorney, Charles Martin.

“The City Manager runs the city on a day to day basis… the City Attorney responds to City Council. I want keep the city’s checks and balances,” Souder explains, “Right now, the job of City Manager [and Attorney] is in one person, who is not a contract employee. He has no accountability.”

He also wants to keep Temple City safe and family-oriented. Souder hopes to accomplish this goal by investing in local law enforcement along with graffiti clean up and anti-gang enforcement.

With the recent fall of the economy, Souder’s background in business might prove helpful to Temple City. He plans to bring in business downtown in order to compete with larger neighboring cities like Arcadia.

“I want to bring back a transparent and open government to Temple City,” says Souder, “so people can be more open to the City Council.”

By being more vocal, City Council would be able to identify what the city needs to improve on.

Souder plans to preserve Temple City and maintain the quality of life the city has right now.

He wants to avoid anything drastic from happening caused by the recession.


This article was written by Ava Cheng. It was published in the February 6, 2009 issue of the Temple City Voice.


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